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About Us

The Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Club Of North America was founded in 2019 by Phil Kennedy with the support of Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Club chairman Peter Leatham. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Phil's co-host Arran Airs from the Across The Pitch Podcast, and Edward Cunningham of PRFCFanShow are the founding members in Arizona. Accrington native Tony Robinson, who now lives outside of Toronto is the founder of the Canadian Chapter of the club.

The club held its first official meet up at The Other Room sports bar in Glendale, Arizona on November 23rd, 2019. A match that ended up being a historic 7-1 win for Stanley over Bolton Wanderers football club. The club now holds regular monthly watch parties at The Other Room, usually the 3rd or 4th Saturday of each month. If you are interested in learning more about the club, joining, or purchasing one of our exclusive pins, please email Phil Kennedy at, or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Club North America pin
Existing O.A.S.S.C. members can purchase our exclusive pins for $2 plus shipping.
Phil, Heather and Ashley
From our December 2019 watch party.

U.S. Chapter Founders

Phil and Arran
Phil Kennedy and Arran Airs at The Other Room

Canadian Chapter Founder

Tony Robinson
Tony Robinson with the 2018 EFL League Two trophy.
first OASSCNA watch party
Post match photo from 11/23/19 watch party.
Phil and Arran blue Accrington shirts
Phil and Arran prepare to watch the EFL Trophy match.

Across The Pitch logo

Across The Pitch began in the summer of 2018, when Phil Kennedy and Arran Airs embarked upon an idea to start a podcast to teach fans in the United States about the deeper levels of English football, beyond the Premier League. Although Phil and Arran both grew to love football rooting for Arsenal F.C., they began to grow a passion for the grassroots of the game after they started regularly attending games for their hometown. USL Championship side Phoenix Rising FC. Inspired by the story of "The Team That Wouldn't Die", they decided to make Accrington Stanley their flagship club, and in November of 2018, they recorded and released their first episode.

Things quickly took off for them when Accy midfielder Scott Brown agreed to come on the show, for what was just their second episode. By episode 10, they had added Matt Robards to the fold, and ever since the community, and scope of Across The Pitch has continued to grow. This includes Accrington natives Darren Woodhead and Tony Robinson joining the team, and expanding to another continent when Abdulai Suburu founded our partner site Ghana Football News. Moving into 2020, we are going to be bringing even more in depth coverage of the EFL pyramid, the USL and MLS, and of course our favorite teams Accrington Stanley and Phoenix Rising.

Since we started the show, we have been lucky enough to interview a number of current and former Accrington players, broadcasters, staff members, and even Andy Holt himself. You can find any of these interviews on our website, anywhere you consume podcasts, or in chronological order by year below.

Our official club hashtag is #DONTWORRYBEACCY

Darren and Tony under Across The Pitch sign at WHAM Stadium
Tony & Darren Woodhead stand under the Across The Pitch sign.

Accrington Stanley Related Interviews From Across The Pitch


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Episode 12: Great Scott "Interview with Scott Brown" (1/24/2019)

Episode 16: Amond Joy "Interview with Padraig Amond" (2/16/2019)

Episode 19: 50 Years Of Accrington Stanley "Interview with Darren Woodhead" (3/1/2019)

Episode 26: Industry And Prudence Conquer "Interview with Darren Woodhead" (4/9/2019)

Episode 27: Tangerine Dreams "Interview with Brett Ormerod" (4/17/2019)

Episode 30: I Wanna Holt Your Hand "Interview with Andy Holt" (5/3/2019)

Episode 33: Here Comes The Dove King "Interview with Callum Johnson" (5/20/2019)

Episode 41: Don't Worry Be Accy "Interview with Josh Cook" (7/10/2019)

Episode 43: Bad Bad Scotty Brown "Interview with Scott Brown" (7/13/2019)

Episode 46: The Original Reds Hot Sauce "Interview with Darren Woodhead" (7/30/2019)

Episode 52: On Stanley On "Interview with Peter Leatham" (8/24/2019)

Episode 53: Mullin Things Over "Interview with Paul Mullin" (8/26/2019)

Episode 58: The Canadian AccringTonyian "Interview with Tony Robinson" (9/19/2019)

Episode 61: Mr. Excitement "Interview with Dimitar Evtimov" (9/25/2019)


Episode 70: From London To Lancashire "Interview with Jerome Opoku" (1/16/2020)

Episode 73: Accy Bishop Strike "Interview with Colby Bishop" (2/9/2020)

Episode 74: Across The Box "Interview with Callum Johnson" (2/14/2020)

Episode 75: Accrington Gone Wild "Interview with Ben Wild" (2/16/2020)

Episode 77: Bent It With Beckham "Interview with Jay Flannery" (2/22/2020)

Episode 78: O' Captain, Our Captain "Interview with Seamus Conneely" (2/23/2020)

Episode 79: This One's A Keeper "Interview with Jamie Speare" (2/28/2020)

Episode 83: Two Pint Limit "Interview with David "Bumble" Lloyd" (3/4/2020)